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Before You Sail



  1. Consider purchasing trip/vacation cancellation and interruption insurance from Primo Cruises.

  2. Review your cruise documents in advance for important information, guidelines and tips

  3. Prior to leaving home, call the airline - or check their web site for flight arrival/departure information

  4. Be at the airport early - 2 hours or more unless local circumstances require more time

  5. Minimize your carry-on luggage AND be prepared to have them searched. Suspicious items (knives, scissors, clippers, files, etc.) may be confiscated and subject you to a further delay

  6. Make sure that your baggage is clearly tagged with your name and contact information and that you have completed and attached the cruise tags provided with your cruise documentation

  7. Verify that any required medical items are with you and not in checked luggage

  8. Verify that you have the proper identification required for all travelers in your party and that it is on your person - not in checked luggage

  9. Expects some delays and be patient

  10. Enjoy your cruise and have a great vacation





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