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Why Primo Cruises?



Attention to Detail

Exceptional Value

ALL At NO Additional Cost

Primo Cruises travel agents are your ticket to a hassle free, ideal cruise booking.


A little known fact is cruise lines cannot undersell travel agents.

You pay the same price if you book a cruise with an agent or book directly with the cruise line.

You will receive more value for your money as Primo agents always provide additional services.

The professional cruise agents at Primo have the experience, knowledge, and cruise line connections to customize your trip with exacting attention to detail, ensuring you maximum savings and value and the best cruise experience possible.

We will guide you through the seemingly endless and confusing possible options, ensuring you maximum savings and greater value, leaving you to enjoy the most elusive luxury, your time.

Your Primo Agent is your personal representative to the cruise line and will look out for your best interest in all matters, large or small.

Whether you are an experienced world traveler or planning your first cruise, it's always better to book your cruise with an experienced cruise travel agent.


So Why Sail With Primo?

Why wouldn’t you? 

It’s all in your favor.



For more information Call or email
Therese at Primo Cruises 1-877-774-6641




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