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Getting to Your Cruise Ship



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What to Expect

  • Stricter security measures for airport employees, merchants, airline employees, vendors that service the airport and for travelers
  • Expect and plan for longer times to park, check-in and to pass through the security check points
  • You may experience some inconvenience and delays - please plan to leave for the airport early and be patient and understanding.

What can I Expect Regarding Airport Security?
  • There will be thorough searches of airports and airplanes prior to passengers being permitted to enter and board aircraft
  • Curbside check-in is prohibited
  • Checking luggage at off-airport sites is prohibited. You may still use these sites to obtain boarding passes and seat assignments but luggage will need to be checked at the airport.
  • No form of weapon will be permitted on your person or in carry-on luggage. Regardless of the size, items such as small pen-knives, scissors and such should be left at home.
  • Only ticketed passengers will be permitted through the security checkpoints. Make sure that you have acceptable photo identification
  • Travelers with E-tickets must hold one of the following documents indicating a flight departure for a current date: A boarding pass or paper ticket, a receipt for an electronic (e-ticket), or an itinerary generated by an airline or travel agency
  • Check your cruise documentation for up-to-date and appropriate air travel information to comply with security checkpoint measures
  • Check-in at the ticket counter if you are unsure about passing through security
  • Vehicles parked near the airport will be closely monitored and should not be unattended
  • DO NOT leave your luggage unattended at any time
  • You will likely notice additional uniformed law enforcement officers and FAA canine teams patrolling the airports

What Can I Expect Regarding Cruise Security?
  • Embarkation and debarkation may take longer to accommodate additional security procedures - plan your flights accordingly
  • Strict enforcement of required identification and nationality/travel papers. Boarding will be denied without presenting proper documents - Check with your travel agent or the cruise line regarding the documentation you will require and refer to the above "Cruise Line Security" content for guidelines






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